Meet Our Instructors

Women Helping Women Reach Their Goals

Each one of our Independent Woman instructors is a successful woman in her own right. They have probably encountered many of the same obstacles, challenges, skepticism, and frustrations that you have faced. What you will learn comes from the actual experiences of our instructors as well as many other financially successful women. We don't teach mere theory. We teach reality. Every member of our training team believes that success needs to be shared and is vitally committed to helping you achieve your financial goals.

Nicole D'Ambrosio

Nicole D'Ambrosio began her real estate career in 2000 and by 2003 she was running her own commercial real estate brokerage. She sold her first distressed asset in 2004 and has since conducted numerous sales via REO, short sale, and note sales. Nicole purchased her first piece of real estate at the age of 21, and has been actively growing her real estate portfolio.

In 2007, Nicole had the opportunity to compete on The Apprentice and was a finalist that received constant praise from Donald Trump. She became a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) in 2008 and started working closely with varies banks to sell their distressed assets/notes.

Nicole began her real estate career specializing in hotels and gas stations, and has been an Illinois Real Estate Managing Broker for 12 years. Additionally, she has performed real estate transactions for office buildings, multi-family, land, broken condos and bulk residential. Nicole has been involved in numerous multi-million dollar transactions.

Nicole is an active member of Young Real Estate Professionals (YREP) and Real Estate Investment Association (REIA). She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a B.A. in Business and has a Real Estate degree from Kishwaukee College.

Malaika Aaron-Pereira

Malaika is an accomplished real estate investor with a passion for helping other women experience personal and financial success. She believes gaining a financial education is one of the greatest investments we can make in ourselves. For her, financial freedom is not an end in itself, but a means to an end-allowing us to live our dreams, serve others and create a legacy for the future.

Lauri Waddell

Lauri Waddell is a successful businesswoman and investor. A stay-at-home mom for twenty years, she re-entered the working world in 1999, co-founding and serving as president of both a mortgage company and an escrow company. Lauri was also elected president of the Iowa Association of Mortgage Brokers. Her other accomplishments include being an author, personal life coach, and motivational speaker.

A real estate investor since 2002, Lauri has acquired nearly one hundred units, including single family, duplex, triplex, quads, and multi-unit residential properties. Her desire to share her success led Lauri to become both an instructor and a personal mentor for students seeking financial independence.

Since 2004, she has taught thousands of students the principles of financial success and worked with over 500 investors as their personal mentor. She has been honored for her work as a trainer and mentor numerous times. Lauri focuses on helping her students set goals, improve their time management skills, and achieve all that they can dream to be.