Unlock Your Full Potential and Soar to New Heights of Success

Today, more than ever, women need to find their OWN path to financial freedom. We shouldn't have to depend on someone else-whether that's a husband, a partner, our parents, our boss, our children or the government-to take care of us financially.

The Independent Woman was designed to show you ways to create financial independence. It's not about being separate from our spouse or significant other. Rather, it's about taking control of our financial lives instead of crossing our fingers and hoping someone else is looking out for our personal finances.

The Independent Woman was inspired by and designed through the teachings of Kim Kiyosaki, a self-made millionaire and happily married (though fiercely independent) woman. We believe that when women take charge of their money, they take charge of their life. And, that's when the magic happens!

We invite you to join us at a FREE Independent Woman Workshop! Invest in yourself and discover ways real estate investing can be used to achieve financial freedom.

There are NO LIMITS, no ceilings, glass or otherwise, for women in the world of investing.
-Kim Kiyosaki